The road not taken…

Life is a journey. I believe that much more than achieving success (our destination), having a wonderful journey is much more important. Not everyone achieves the stars, but those who try and keep trying, make the journey worthwhile even if they fail.

CHOICES. Yes, we HAVE TO make a choice in some or the other way at every point in our lives. Ironically, to move forward in life, we have no choice but to choose. We have to pick one and let go off the other which might at times can be much more closer to our heart. This isn’t as easy at it seems. Thousand things go on and on in our mind. Thousand types of people put pressure on us in ALL WAYS POSSIBLE. It’s again our choice between giving up to the pressure and living up to our dreams.

The world would have been a boring place if all of us would have been the same in terms of our thoughts, values, future plans etc. The differences among us add spice to life and make it worth living. Each one of us is different in our own beautiful way.Similarly, not all of us have the courage to stand up against everybody to achieve the big things we have dreamt of. We find it safe and thereby choose to move forward on a tried and tested path. It’s always comfortable for many to be one among the crowd and walk with the crowd.

Exceptions are always there. They have the courage to travel the ‘road not taken’ and at times, even make a road for themselves where there seems to be no way out. Yes, WE CAN choose to not choose from among the available choices and thus make new road altogether.


The road which everybody takes may guarantee you less thorns on the way but when you have chosen to walk on the untrodden path, have the courage to face EVERYTHING. You will face hurdles which will bog you down. You may even have to start all over again but trust me, if you will put in all you can, someday, from the heaven above, almighty will smile on you and bestow you with what you deserve. Believe that you will make it and you shall make it.

It might happen that those who began the journey with you on a different road will be dancing in the rain of glory and you will still be struggling through your way. DON’T GIVE UP. I say this because I believe that when you will complete your journey and before moving to the world beyond this world, you will turn back once and you will see those people who once discouraged you, happily travelling the road which you made with all your might.

It only takes the courage and efforts of one person to prove to the world that this too is possible. It only takes the efforts of one person to make others believe that they too can travel the ‘road not taken’!

Be that shinning star in the sky which shows way to the people and instills in them the confidence that they too can make it, no matter how dark it is.