Everybody is in a hurry, still everybody is late.

He was always in a hurry to get where he was not.” This seems relatable because it defines our lives too. Sit back and think about the day gone by! Wasn’t majority of it ruled by you hurrying? Did it do any good to you? Hurrying fr

om one moment to the next so as to make the most of the next moment. This makes us end up losing out on both the moments.  We can never reach every place at once, catch every moment at once, so why not make the most of where we are and enjoy it to the core!


We don’t live in our present. We have the tendency to rush to the future! We are champions at spoiling our present by thinking about the past. 

When the past was the present, we didn’t make the most of it and see, we end not making the most of the future too when it has become our present by thinking about the past. 

Let’s for a change live in the present and make the most of it. Then tomorrow, we will not be regretting our past.

We think of making a life all the time. Making a life for majority of us means making money. In the race for making more and more and more money, we postpone happiness for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes! By the time we realise this, it’s too late. When we will be lying on our death bed, not living will pinch us more than not making “enough” money. No matter how rich we become, no amount of money will ever be enough for us. Let’s hurry up and grab happiness, grab a life before it’s too late.

We wake up in a hurry and just rush to work. I’m sure most of us never tried to enjoy those morning hours.  The peace we will experience will be worth more than anything. The morning breeze on our face, the sunrise, all seem heavenly when enjoyed with the mind at peace.


How funny it is that when at work, we try to hurry up and finish it as early as possible to reach back! If we try and give our best there, the contentment to have  worked to the best of our abilities awaits us and this is a beautiful feeling. Sadly, this isn’t possible when all we have in mind is to rush back home. There are people who say they would have retired at a better post had they given their best. They are late! You aren’t! Make work your worship and everything else you desire will follow.

This is a vicious circle we are trapped in. We keep missing one moment to grab another. It’s time to break it, because life awaits us beyond this circle and not inside it.

Time is the most precious thing we can gift to others. Nothing will ever be much more appreciated by your loved ones than your time. The moments you will create when with them, will be the moments of joy, happiness and love you will carry forever in your heart. Don’t hurry so much through life that those who saw you at your worst and still loved you to the core aren’t able to match steps with you. 

Yes, chase success but do keep in mind that only then will you enjoy success when you have along with you the people who made it possible for you.

Life is unpredictable. None of us can ever predict about the next second. So why wait? Let’s go all out of our way and tell the ones we love that they are loved. Let’s show them that they matter. Let’s apologise to those to whom you did wrong. Let’s thank those who were your strength all the way. Let’s hurry up and do this before life takes them away from us. For many, now it’s too late to do any of these. All they can do is regret. You have the chance, grab it. Don’t be late.

Nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished.” We are a part of nature. This being the law of nature, applies to us too. Imagine the mess it will be, if nature hurries. That’s exactly the mess which we create in our lives when we hurry.

Life is once, live it. 🙂