Let’s make life #ourchoice

It’s weird! Yes, that was my reaction the very moment I realised this fact. At least one of this should have been #mychoice. Neither is. That’s sad. We don’t get to choose if we want to be born in this big bad world. We don’t get to choose if we want to die(at least not in India). Once born, our life isn’t ours. Logically it should have been but sadly this isn’t the case. Many lives are attached with ours. To say it the typical Bollywood way, “apne liye na sai, unke liye jee lo.”  Yes, If not for our own self, we have to live for others. We have no other choice. 

When we know that neither the beginning is our choice nor the ending, why not make the journey our choice? Why not live it on our own terms? Why not choose to make the most of what we have? Let’s break the barrier of an ideal life. Let’s not live the same year 80 times and call it a life. Let’s have the guts to take any and every decision on our own and later stand by it no matter what the results turn out to be.

Let’s make sure that the day we bid goodbye to be world, we don’t regret living our life our way. Let’s make sure that when on our death bed, we proudly say, “I lived it my way.”

There are many who life “their” life the way they are told to! Let’s be the change! Let’s make the difference. 🙂

Love! Laugh! Live! ❤



अब ज़रूरी है कि इस पथ पर अकेले चलकर दिखाऊ,

जब आया अकेला था और जाना अकेले है,

 फिर इस दुनिया से साथ की कैसी आस लगाऊ?

अब ज़रूरी है कि इस पथ पर अकेले चलकर दिखाऊ।

यह तो समय समय का खेल है,

कोई ज़िंदगी की परीक्षा में कभी पास तो कभी फेल है।

आज गिरा हूँ तो गिरकर उठूँगा,

उठकर कल फिर चल दूंगा।

अब खड़ा हूँ तो हाथ आगे मत बढ़ाओ,

साथ हो, यह कहकर झूठी दिलासा मत दिलाओ।


जब गिरा था, तब आगे तुम्हें आना था,

 साथ होने का वादा उस दिन तुम्हें निभाना था।

मैंने गुहार लगाई थी,

लेकिन तब हाथ कोई ना आगे आया, 

जब ज़रूरत में था, तब किसी ने ना साथ निभाया।


अब ना कोई साथ चाहिए, 

ना किसी का हाथ चाहिए।

समझ गया हूँ कि अब ज़रूरी है गिरके उठकर दिखाऊ,

अब ज़रूरी है कि इस पथ पर अकेले चलकर दिखाऊ।

The test of time

Cleaning your shelf isn’t always a bad idea. Sometimes, you find hidden treasures. That day, Payal found one – an old photograph. After a single glance at it, she could recall everything about it. It was a class photograph clicked in 4th standard! With her in the photograph was Ria, her better half! 

Almost 9 years have passed, but even today, Payal clearly remembers the day she met Ria. It was Day 1, standard 4th.

“Can I sit here?” Payal had asked of she could sit on the empty chair lying next to Ria. With this, began their beatiful journey. Days started passing by and time started strengthening their bond. From the day they met, 5 years had passed. Time made them understand each other well. Both of them were very fond of each other. All through these years, they used to come to school together and even go back together. They spent a major part of their day together. Whenever need arised, they used to be there for each other.

They shared laughter, they shared tears, they shared secrets, they shared memories.

Ria told Payal that within 2 months she will be shifting to a new place with her family and thus will be leaving school. None of them at that time took this seriously because somewhere they knew that no matter how far away they stay, the will always be together.

9th standard had started and Ria had left the school. Payal could feel Ria’s absence every single second. A simple “I miss you” was not enough to describe what Payal was feeling. They were in touch but a telephonic conversation is no replacement for a face to face conversation. After Ria left, Payal never shared anything about herself, her life with anybody. Ria was the only one with whom Payal was her own self.

Time took it’s toll. Academic pressure took over, things started changing. Slowly and gradually, they were busy in their lives. Yes, both of them were trying their best to be in touch but something was changing. Their conversations now reduced to a simple “hello, how are you?” THAT’S IT.With memories of happy days spent together, both of them moved forward in their lives. Somehow, they lost each other’s contact number which meant that now they were no more in touch.

Even today Payal  remembers those 2 years when both of them were not in touch. She clearly remembers that how much she used to miss Ria on her birthday! How she wanted to share everything with Ria. How at times she used to pray to God that Ria be safe n sound. 

Every test comes to an end. It was time for the test of their friendship to end. They had passed it with flying colours. Payal somewhere had accepted the fact that Ria was no more a part of her life. God had something else in store. 

10th November, 2015. 8 pm

Payal answered up the call on her phone.

“Hello!” she said.

“Hello, may I speak to Payal please?” came the reply.

These words were enough for Payal to understand the voice behind them. Tears of happiness started flowing from her eyes.

The call went on for 1 hour 40 minutes and was followed by an hour of texting. 2 years is a long time to be shared with someone in almost 2 hours. At the end of the call, they decided to meet.

Meet, and never leave each other’s side ever again. ❤

Yes, we can say that friendships are made in heaven. It is on earth that they face the test of time.