A story of clouded dreams.

Illustrative image of girl playing with helium balloons at park

On a cloudy day, a happy young girl is making the most of her childhood days in the park. Unaware and protected from the problems faced in this big bad world, she is running around happily with colourful balloons in her hand.

Sita, a 13 year old girl works as a maid in that colony. Today, she is late for work and thus is running as fast as she can to reach her pay master’s house in time otherwise, the lady who lives in the house with kids of Sita’s age will scold her badly.

It is rightly said that there is a different age and time at which each and every person shoulders the responsibilities that fall on him/her. On the contrary, some people due to circumstances need to stand up to the responsibilities even when they are too young and naive for them. Sita, a 13 year old school drop out was contributing to the income of her family of seven so that they don’t sleep hungry.

As she was running, she passed the park in which the girl was playing. The colorful balloons caught her sight and she stopped. Sita hadn’t heard of dreams, she didn’t know what they were. She got no time to dream. Still, at that moment when she saw the balloons, she felt the urge to fly in the sky like them. She felt the urge to touch the sky, shine like a star. She felt the urge to break the shackles of responsibilities she was caught in and live her childhood  to the fullest. All she could do was feel these thoughts. Like earlier, she could give no words to what she was feeling. She knew no words. The thundering of the clouds and the downpour brought Sita back to her reality. She rushed to reach the house on time. That day, the rain didn’t just wash away the earth’s dirt, it washed away Sita’s dreams. Dreams which were waiting to be given wings to fly and become a reality. Dreams which were burning inside her.

May be they were never dreams, they were her clouded dreams. 

– Paranjaya Mehra


Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

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