So will you be…

Standing in the waters of life, you stare with eyes wide open. Your mind asks you things you don’t have an answer to.  “Why were you taken?”

A noisy tide strikes with full force on your legs, as if it is trying to convey to you that I take away with me whatever comes in my path. You realise may be you were standing in the tide’s path and so you were taken.

Their love for swayed away with the tides, was gone with the whirling winds… The pain of a lost love leaves you broken. Are your loved ones something you change daily?

That pain of having something within you shattered to the core makes you wonder what people go through when tides wash away all they have! Their loved ones, their lives. That village  on the southern tip which was washed away with the tides is now engulfed in deathly silence… The same silence which now haunts you too. Change is a bastard.

The village lost the people who loved it. You lost the one you love. The village, without them, will never be the same again. You, without your loved one, will never be the same again. Still as the days pass The silent sea will always ask, why do you wish to stop? Why do you wish to wait? Learn, after every tragedy, we have the special gate! 

The wet sands got dry as the people wiped their cry only to reincarnate their days with better ways. You know one day someone will come and treat the village as it’s own. You know one day there will laughter in every street. You know one day the village will proudly say.. “I’m loved”

So will you be

Can a medicine poison you to death?

There lies beneath everyone’s soul a hidden reality… A reality of their own which they carefully guard from the world, sometimes even from themselves. What we don’t readily express to anyone during our day conversations, comes running out from our mouth during the night time. We happily spill the beans regarding our deepest secrets, our wildest desires and what not.

I wonder, what is our reality, who are we? What we pretend to be during the day, is that our reality, or what we guard from everyone during the day, is that the real us?

What leaves me in amazement is the thought that if given a choice, in complete control of our senses, will we ever say to those people during the day what we do comfortably spill out during the late night conversations?

They are a poison, a poison for your soul. What you so ferociously guard from the world during the day, you serve it to them on a platter during the night.They are a medicine, a medicine for your  soul. What you don’t confess, don’t express during the day, you shout it out to the world during the night.

 I say… Think about it… Can a medicine poison you to death?