A soulful date

Birthdays are always associated with lots of music, lots of party, lots of fun because may be for some that means lots of life.  I also believed in this “party to bnti Hai” and to some extent I still do. Yet, at times a date with your soul is all you need. Sometimes, the company of your thought is the best one.

A day before my so called party day I had the pleasure of this company. Just thoughts and me. ❤

A year can change your life. Yes, it can. Same day last year was different. People were different. Equations were different. Promises were different. I was different. All is see that happened in this one year is CHANGE, in every way possible. Yesterday, I realised that ever if you want to know that have you grown as a person, all you need to do is look back a year. You will see the difference. You will notice people who were there then to be around you no more now. You will feel you probably miss them. You will probably not. Even those who are around, are a different version altogether. Some played their cameo in your movie and left. You can’t forget them. All you can do is thank them for their role in your movie.

It’s not just about people. It’s about experience. It’s also about moments that turned to memories, to laughter, to tears, to gossips. May be birthdays are nothing but a mere reminder to evaluate where life took you in one year and you have no other choice but to thank life for it.

Take time and thank life. Because life happened and you grew up. Thank your soul because it is your only constant. Nothing else and nobody else is. Life has its own swag, you like it or not.

Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

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