2016 – A fresh start

Rare are those days when we meet people who click with us. And they click in such a way that they become an integral part of our daily lives. They come and we are never the same again. Then, rare are those people who get to continue with them.  For others, it seems like we blinked and they were never to be seen again.

The impact these significant others have on our lives is gross. Gross to the extent that we don’t mind requesting them to be back, even when we know they won’t because they left out of their  choice.

The devoid is created. The damage done and we learn to stay with it. Cope with it. Pray for it, hoping to have the cherished bond back. At times, we even try to have it back.. But then..



Why don’t we talk anymore?

The situation wasn’t right to talk. That’s why. 

With you I lost a dear friend, and such a devoid has been created which is impossible for me to fulfill. Can we start afresh? What do you want?

I have my work, some good friends and the girl I love. That’s fine. 

Can we start afresh? Please say a yes or a no. I don’t want anything else. Don’t you say hmm 

May be in 2016? I hope that will not be a problem! I will handle myself till then. 

We stopped talking because the situation wasn’t right from your view point to talk. All I can do is try once and request people to start afresh. I am not begging you here. Please don’t make it sound like you are so sure that I’ll wait for you forever. What 2016? Do you ever give a date to someone that ok from that day I’ll talk to you. I take that as a no. Take care. Bye

Bbye. Take care.

Yup. You too. 

Questions loom large in her head. Whom to ask? Nobody around. One more time, it’s upon destiny to decide the destination.  Like always, she’ll accept it.

P.s : I  don’t know whose mistake it is. I don’t know who is right and wrong. May be nobody knows. All I know is, friendships don’t come with a date tag and a feeling of obliging the other person. Agree to the request if you whole heartedly want to. Otherwise say a respectful no. Yes, 2016 should be a fresh start.  A start to make sure that you don’t try to go back to people in whose lives you are a task to be done sometime in future.