The accidental friend

You never really know that when you will meet someone and they will start adding value to your life.

An unexpected beginning. A friend of a friend. That’s how Pari and Medhavi met. Soon the common friend vanished from the equation and it was both of them from there on. At times, when you need people and you count on the ones close to you, they leave but only to make way for better people.

A rough patch in Pari’s life was when they started talking. Pari wasn’t her real name. Medhavi was the only one who called her Pari and the it truly gave Pari an angelic feeling. Pari was better than Paro anyday. 😉

Medhavi had everything Pari would wish for in a friend. The best part which made Pari respect her was the fact that Medhavi didn’t just say that I’m there. She meant it. She proved it. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Never during those days could Pari understand what was happening with her but Medhavi understood. Always there like a pillar with her smile, she played the most important part in bringing Pari back on track.  Pari would always wonder that she doesn’t even know me that well, why is then she taking all the headache in listening to me.

Having sailed through that time. Now Pari knows she can bare her soul to Medhavi without any second thought.   Call it sisterly  or friendly, but there surely was something which clicked. Atleast for Pari it did. Cut to today and Medhavi is someone Pari doesn’t want to see leaving. She wants to explore with Medhavi that how far can the bond of their friendship take them in life. Completely aware of the fact that there is a lot that both of them still need to know about each other, Pari wants to enjoy this ride of exploring Medhavi and be there for her in her happy times and God forbid if any, in her sad times too. All Pari knows is, she will stand by the who stood by her always.

Yes, she was truly Pari’s accidental friend. The best part of Pari’s worst phase.<3

Some accidents aren’t that bad. 😛 :*




Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

3 thoughts on “The accidental friend”

  1. Medhavi is sending love to pari because it was pari who made her realize that it’s so important to have someone by your side and it’s even better to be someone’s someone.
    Friendships never hang up the call, they are just sometimes on hold.

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      1. Sahi baat hai! Frequency of calls and text kam ho jaane se Dosti par farak nhi padta. If you are good friends, you will resume from where you left when needed.

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