The tension of opposites

Sometimes, not taking a decision seems the easier choice. Sometimes… You want someone, you want something, yet you don’t.

Public speaking owned as big a place in his heart as her. He loved public speaking even before the time he loved her. As is said, you need to stay in touch with the podium, develop with it as friendly a bond as possible. It’s tough to gain your confidence back after you give up on public speaking once but wish to start again. He wished the same.

Long back he gave up on the two love of his life, public speaking and her. He wished to have both of them back. A chance knocked his door. A poster about a public speaking event was sent to him by his friend. He wanted to take this opportunity and prove to himself that he still can speak as good as compared to his school days. Preparations began, not for winning the prize but for winning his confidence back. He was about to face an audience after years. His friend was giving him full moral support.

He didn’t have the least of this idea that she would be there at the event too. When he got to know of her presence at the event, he felt a lump inside his heart. Could he face both these things together? He was smiling to his ears at the thought of getting to see her but at the same time something inside him told him he didn’t have the courage to face her. Already, the public speaking preparation was demanding a lot of courage. He didn’t have more.

Stuck somewhere in the tension of opposites… He thought, should I take part? Shouldn’t I take part? He asked himself, “Will I be able to face the audience? ” Yes, came the reply.

He asked again, “will I be able to face her?”… With it began the battle of opposites between his heart which longed to see her and his brain which told him he’ll not be able to.

May be… Sometimes, you can gather enough courage to face a thousand eyes confidently yet fall short of courage to face those two eyes.


Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

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