जग में जगकर अब करना क्या?

सोने दे माई मुझे,
इस जग में जगकर अब करना क्या?
दर-बदर की ठोकर से अब डरना क्या?
जिस अँधेरे में ज़िदगी बिता दी,
उस अँधेरे में अब जीना क्या और मरना क्या?

आँखों में सपने भरकर अब करना क्या?
अमीर के पेर तले दबने से अब डरना क्या?
रहना जब झोपड़ी में है, सपनों का महल खड़ा करके फिर करना क्या?
आँखों में आशा भरकर सूरज की रोशनी का इंतज़ार अब करना क्या?
सोने दे माई मुझे,
इस जग में जगकर अब करना क्या?

बंद करदे दरवाज़ा माई,
देख तेरा महमान तेरे सामने खड़ा है,
जब चारों ओर है अँधेरा इतना,
क्यों फिर तुझे सूरज का नशा चढ़ा है?
सोजा माई, देख अँधेरा तेरे आगे हाथ बढ़ाए खड़ा है।

Picture credits : https://m.facebook.com/Abhirathphotography/


The deadline that died

There is something about the name ‘deadline’. You cross it and and there you are, dead, quite literally. Such people are left upon the mercy of their parents, teachers, office boss etc to feel alive once again. Then, there is something about those people who cross these lines again and again and it looks as if not meeting deadlines is their favorite hobby. They are so habitual of not meeting them that for them deadlines lose their meaning. Stuck between these two categories, have you ever wondered what a poor deadline feels?

Once upon a time there was a deadline. She was tired of not getting to meet people. She thought not many considered her worth meeting. She was tired of the fact that the human race stepped on her again and again and moved forward everytime without considering the pain she felt.

Standing there with open arms on the crossroad of life, she decided to die. She died. Little did the poor soul know that a human who had never met deadlines would get to write her obituary. The obituary read ” Yesterday, our not so loved deadline left for her journey to hell. On this auspicious occasion a party is being organised at Hotel Heaven at 9:00 a.m. Everyone is requested to visit and have a good time.

Somewhere in heaven, deadline wondered, “will the party begin on time? I doubt.”

– Paranjaya Mehra