Emotional people “Don’t” lead a better life

P.S – I came across a post which claimed that we, the emotional ones lead a better life.  Here’s my take on why I don’t agree with it.

Our life is a result of the choices we make or those we don’t.  Our tragedy is that we are born with a mind and a heart. If there would have been either the mind or the heart, life would have been easier.  I completely believe in the fact that being emotional or having emotions is one major trait which separates human beings from others.  I think we are not being true to our job of being a human being if we don’t put our emotions out there in the open.  But then, putting yourself emotionally out there messes up life big time.

If you are emotional it doesn’t mean that you are constantly evolving.  Yes I agree that we are more aware of our feelings but then according to me, evolving while being emotional takes a hell lot of a courage because these days being emotional is enough of a trait to create a life full of mess but to learn from that mess and still hold your own demands courage. Not every emotional person has this courage.  It’s easier said than done.

Analysing stuff more intimately and making sure nobody is hurt is something which runs in our blood. We try to reach a common ground between our mind and our heart and that messes it up more because, my friend, when in the history of mankind did  the mind and the heart said the same thing? That’s the game. They never say the same point.  Logical people know the art of keeping in control their mind as well as the heart.  They know when they need their mind’s advice and when they need their heart’s help.  We don’t know this art and that sums up another point.

Yes,  we do have a strong gut instinct. Stronger than the instincts of  many out there.  But then, training your mind to listen to your gut feeling is a task in itself.  How does it feel when you know you are sure about something but still you act unsure because you always fear that what if that surity feeling isn’t true and thus many of us decide to not go by it.

We love to walk the extra mile for our loved ones in all our relationships.  The emotional investment we make in all our relationships is high.  We can easily be the more patient, the more considerate one but then there are many people who take this attitude for granted. Not everyone feels lucky to have us around. To know that you are being taken for granted and still care is the worst feeling ever.

The world says, ” the more you feel, the more conscious you become of everything around you.” I say, the more you feel, the more you worsen it for yourself because not all those around you feel as intensely as you.  Not everyone has a heart similar to yours.  In today’s world, beware before you feel and if you still want to, make sure you use your mind to feel as well as think and let heart do it’s biological job and nothing else.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves and that’s the best part about us. Not everyone can do that.  It takes guts to be hurt and still care.  It takes guts to keep your ego aside and bend for the sake of the relationship.

To conclude, I would say, either be emotional or don’t be.  If you are, then make sure “tu faltu emotional ho rha hai/rhi hai” is the best compliment you can ever get.

If you live by your emotions, learn to take it all that comes your way in the best spirit possible because the roller coaster will always move a little faster for you.  😉


The memories truck

The truck filled with memories stands at my door. Memories, some made due to destiny and some others by choice. I wonder, will I ever be able to unload the truck? Can any of us ever do this? May be that’s how it’s meant to be with us. We can only fill the truck with more and more and never be able to unload it.

That’s how the memory game is played. Once experienced, they are a part of who we are, etched in us until eternity. Even if we want to I don’t think we can wash out a memory completely. Something will always be there. If not the words, then may be the feelings. If not those people, then may be the lesson they taught us. A part of it always stays with us.

Like every game, the memory game has it’s twists too. We call them days and dates. This day last year, this day last month, this day years ago… This vicious cycle is what is needed to be broken for us to emerge victorious. What happened, happened. Those happenings stay in our past and we move to the present. This is how it should be but it doesn’t really happen. All of us at some points get stuck in this cycle thereby creating the perfect mix of a messed up past and present leading to a disastrous future. For some of us this is our favourite dish and we love to splurge on it.

So as to make you realise that it’s easier said than done, I must confess that even as I write this I’m thinking about this date last month. 😛 Oh, memories.

Oh, wasn’t the truck waiting at the door to be unloaded? Well, this wait will have to continue till the time we learn to learn from the memories. That day, I might not be able to unload the memories, but I’ll surely unload lifelong lessons.

Time to shut the door and let the truck wait 🙂