Swinging through life

Do we remember how one day back in time we were shown a road and were told to walk on it. Before we could begin our journey, we were told to look straight so that we could see the shining light at the end of the road. That light, we were told it is called success and that is where we had to reach, all of us had to reach. As the child we were, we accepted it and began walking.

It seemed like one of the swings. Initially, we had the confidence that just like always we will be held if we fall down. One day, the swing began to tremble, we began to lose balance. That was the first day we looked back and realised we had come so far that nobody could help us now. We learnt we had to help ourselves. We gathered a little confidence and tried to maintain balance. Later, when we were no more a child and it was no more a swing, the road started shaking again. We looked around and realised that it wasn’t shaking for everybody. Some were walking easily. We realised, in childhood we were never told that we could choose the swing we wanted to ride on. That day, it dawned upon us that we did want to ride but not this swing. That shining light, it no more appeared attractive. The shine coming from it started to burn our eyes. It wasn’t what we wanted. That day, was our biggest test. Some of us majorly failed in it because we could no more gather the courage to get up one more time and start walking again. We chose to rather fall off the swing. And others, they died within yet lived for the world because they accepted that this is how is how it is. This is how it was meant to be. They slogged all through their life.

Today, nobody from these two categories of people is worshipped. The world bows before those who were told they could choose the swing they wanted to ride on. They are the only ones who made it.