School of Love

From the time, the age, the moment she could read and understand fairy tales, she dreamt to be a part of one in real life. Yes, she was too young at that age to feel love in its true sense but later in life, she wanted to have her special someone and mean that much to him. You can blame fairy tales for making her believe one day she will meet her Prince. She never knew when this would happen but ‘someday’ was the drug of her choice. She lived on ‘someday’.  She had her ambitions and her goals to achieve but love always held a major part in her life. ALWAYS. You can be as successful as you want but you need to come back home to someone who loves you, someone whom you can celebrate the success with. That was her perception. Cut to today, two relationships and several puppy-love crushes old, she has learnt, A LOT. She has learnt that for some people ‘forever’ is just a term and it doesn’t happen just once. She has learnt what SRK does on screen happens on screen. Real life is different. She has learnt that everything in this world has to end, everything. From being the one who was searching for constant approval from others, she has learnt to be the one who is happy being who she is. Ok, atleast trying to do that. She has learnt to wear her heart on her sleeve. She has learnt to be proud of her scars and not feel belittled because of them. She could be proud of what she was, how she was and feel blessed rather than gulity about it. She has learnt that she doesn’t need someone to complete the definition of herself. She only needs someone to accept her completely.  She has learnt that she doesn’t need to be objectified in a relationship if that makes her feel disrespected. Several lessons old, she still feels one can never graduate from the school of love. This is a place where you always learn. She is still learning. She is still hoping that those fairy tales she read long back were not just meant to read.

Hope, is a strong drug and she a loyal addict.  ❤

Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

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