Knock down fear

All of you must have made plans at some or the other time about the itsy-bitsy details of your lives. I am sure, life at some or the other point popped your bubble of planning because, heyo, who says life will follow your plans? It always does planning for you even before you plan for yourself. I am sure that your planning process at some or the other point made us feel like perfectionists who just found a plan to fulfill all our dreams and touch the stars.

Wait! I have one unread message!

“Hello there, champ! Congratulations! I see, you finally planned something for yourself. Just popped up to remind you that you totally forgot that to make those plans work and to achieve your dreams you need to take some steps. Just a reminder- this won’t be as easy as it seems. In front of you will stand your biggest barrier, your fear.”

With love,


Wouldn’t all this be a cakewalk if life could just send a message to us about everything? All of us have the line dark ke aage jeet hai on our tips. Did you ever try to apply it to your life? EVER? Rare are those who face their fears and come out with flying colours. They are those who know that success lies just outside our comfort zones. They have the courage to face the fear for their thirst for success is greater than any fear they have. Yes, you heard it right, it takes courage. Have it?

We fear because we are human, otherwise we would have been God! There are as many fears as the number of people on Earth. There are as many fears as the number of opinions those billions of people have. We all are surrounded by some or the other kind of those countless fear. Be it that of rejection, acceptance, societal burden, parental or peer pressure. The list goes on. I would say fear is our mind’s favorite game and tackling it is nothing less than a mind game.

(F)orget (E)verything (A)nd (R)un or (F)orget (E)verything (A)nd (R)ejoice – the choice is yours!

Most of us will decide to run away from it than face it but before you choose to run away, let me just remind you that our life is a result of our choices so make the right ones. Choose to face fear and success will be yours, chose to run away from it and success will run away from you. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Rest assured that your facing your fear wont break you, running away from it will. You are one decision away from a different life, from a successful life. Have the courage and make that decision today. If not now, it will be never,

Choose to be a kickass and let fear fear that you don’t fear fear. Kudos to courage! Knock your fear down before it knocks your door.