Feminism V/s Pseudo Feminism

I ask you, Is Feminism blindly accepting whatever a woman says as the sole truth without applying any logic or judgement?

I am an honest citizen of this nation . I always hold the utmost regard for all women , anyone who happens to know me bears a testimony to this fact . However I am deeply hurt and confounded by a kind of a “pseudo feminsim ” which certain media is propagating , where whatever a woman says is believed to be the 11th commandment without even considering all the possible facts and applying reason .

Such a psuedo feminism interferes with the actual feminism project , which strives to bring a better tomorrow not only for women but also for the men affected by patriarchy .
I myself am a feminist . But I refuse to fall in this trap of blindly believing whatever a woman says as the truth without any application of logic .

I ask you , what about men accused in false rape cases , the man not only loses his familial support or job but is rendered ineffective by the very society we live , and on the top of it all , the man was innocent . This is how this virus of “pseudo feminism “destroys the entire actual feminism ideal .

I was recently faced by a situation where a woman started shouting and hurling insults without any purpose . Thus despite me being a man of peace and my initial efforts of peace being spat upon , I was thus forced to shout back , for one I was true , my conscience was clear and second that silence is wrongly judged as being guilty .
Perhaps life is a lion fight indeed where it is important to roar and stand for yourself . As Abraham Lincoln says “Be not afraid to scoff at cynics” for cynics are dementers of self harmony .

I do not promote fighting but the truth of life I realised today is that there is no wrong in standing and fighting when you know your cause is for the truth . My fight is against this pseudo feminsim that is engulfing the ideal of feminism .

While pseudo feminism argues for male hate without any actual reasons and breeds such stereotypes of doubt in the minds of all the uninitiated , feminism is what actually brings a better tomorrow, the one based on equality .
Stand tall for feminism and be not afraid to scoff at cynics and impostors who destroy our inner peace , confidence and who defeat the larger ideology they claim they stand for .

I am not against women , it is infact women who understood readily my cause and helped me in the fight , Women I believe are the most powerful for they are capable of bringing life but the feminine identity isnt just limited to the fact that she can give birth . There is much more to it than just that . My fight is against cynics who bring their personal irrational prejudices into play .

Peace , sportsmanship and friendship I believe and practice too , are the ideals of celestial felicity . Love is an essential ingredient too , but it is very important to fight , for peace does not teach submissiveness , it teaches to fight for one’s right when one is wronged .

As put in an ancient African fable , the lion must always remember to roar for it keeps the wolves at bay , the wolves who feed upon us and our inner selves . Life is but a lion fight . Walk proud , lick your wounds , celebrate yourself and the good in others around you . there is nothing greater than peace and friendship but never hesitate to fight for your rights . Stand for yourself , see the wolves running away and feel the happiness .

I still argue that I stand for the real feminism for it is one of those rare things that have actually changed the world for the better , and women are the almighty’s greatest creation but yes people have to understand that for every ‘indivisual’ what goes around comes around , instead of petty politics celebrate the good in others and show respect and they will love you back in a thousand ways . This is the only way to make this world a happier place . Peace . Period 🙂

Article and photograph by Arijit Roy (English Hons student, DU)


Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

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