Let’s face it

What have all of us turned into? Robots? No. Something worse than that

When was the last time you genuinely heard someone even after knowing that it doesn’t concern you at all?
When was the last time that you asked someone to stop sharing things with you because “DUDE. I’m out of this.”

We have taken the concept of I, me and myself in a totally wrong way! We are so much about ourselves and our work that someone might just call up to tell that they are about to die and we might reply with “acha thoda busy tha bad main bat krta hu!” Someone right in front of our eyes might be living the life of a “living corpse” and we might just have no idea about it.

Now we have turned into people who are totally ignorant about each other…. What is the plan? Where do we plan to go by pulling others down? Where do we plan to go by being self centred? How much high do we plan to rise by making others our stairs? Tell me.
Where are we heading by giving no damn to others around us? How far do you think you can go if you keep walking alone like this.

We don’t exist in each other’s world anymore! Only those who serve our purpose are a part of our world. Nobody beyond that. Just nobody. “You are not even a part of my world” and that’s the end of the conversation.

Keeping the phone down after having said your point. Blocking someone who continuously pings. We all have down this atleast once. Let’s clap for ourselves for not knowing the art of “patient listening”? We distance ourselves from people who want to be close to us. Because “jinhe hum chahiye vo hume thodi chahiye” is the new cool. If you nodded your head with a yes, you are a fool.

Let me just slam an oath on your face.  “I, the self proclaimed busy shall only listen to reply and not for anything else. I shall always take great pleasure in shutting people up. I shall believe in the shit saying that all of us are fighting our own battles but I shall never help someone with their battle. I am the 21st century retard!”

This is one oath all of us have unintentionally taken. This is what we live by.

Next time when you ask someone how are they doing… Just wait for a reply. They might just have been looking for the question to pour their heart out. Have the courtesy to listen. Have the courtesy to be a human.
– Paranjaya Mehra


Author: Paranjaya

What I have failed to speak, I have succeeded to write! - Paranjaya Mehra

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