कुछ सवाल ऐसे भी

राजमाता भाषा के दरबार में आज हिंदी कुछ सवाल लेकर आई है,

वो पूछती है,

मेरे अंशो से बनी प्रेमचंद की पुस्तक,

क्या वो पुस्तकालय में सिर्फ पड़ी है ,

या वो तुमने कभी वक़्त निकालकर सच में पढ़ी है ?

वो प्यार के चंद लफ्ज़,

जिससे इस देश के शायरों ने सिर्फ मुझमें बुना है,

कभी सोचा है,

की कुछ तो उन्होंने भी सोचा होगा ,

जब ‘तेरे घर के सामने घर ‘ बनाने के लिए उन्होंने ‘GH’ नहीं पर ‘घ’ को चुना है ।


तुम्हें हर किताब ने ये पढ़ाया की अंग्रेज़ी को भारत में गोरो ने बढ़ाया ,

मेरे जीवन जा पहला सवेरा कब आया ,

ये कितनी किताबो ने तुम्हें बताया?

अंग्रेज़ी में बात करने पर तो हम सबको अभिमान है,

जो कोई दोस्त चंद शब्द हिंदी में भेज दे,

तो बड़ी अकड़ से कहते हैं,

अंग्रेज़ी में लिख यार,

हिंदी का अब कहाँ ज्ञान है?


जनतंत्र के चौथे स्तंभ की डगमगाती चाल है,

मनोरंजन का क्षेत्र पूर्ण हिंदी है,

पर कहाँ है हिंदी में बेखौफ पत्रकारिता,

ये बड़ा सवाल है,

घर में बस बड़े बूढ़े पड़ते हिंदी का अखबार हैं,

पापा कहते बच्चों को,

अंग्रेज़ी की vocabulary बड़ा बेटा,

जो आज के समाज में औदा न बढ़ाये,

ऐसी भाषा पढ़ना बेकार है।


आज इस भरे दरबार में राजमाता मैं आपसे पूछती हूँ,

आज मात्र भाषा को पीछे छोड़ रहे,

काल मात्र भूमि को पीछे छोड़ देंगे,

कुछ कीजिये,

ये ‘आज के लोग’

कल अपनी हर एक जड़ से नाता तोड़ देंगे।

–  Paranjaya Mehra



यादें बात करती हैं

बातों-बातों में उस रात ये बात निकली,
यारों की बारात में यादों की बारात निकली।
वो बोला,”गुस्ताखी खास करती हैं।
फिर दिल-ए-फरियाद करती हैं।
यादों से पूछो यादें क्यों बात करती हैं?”

यादें शरमाई, बातों – बातों में​ यादों का पैगाम आया।
शाम-ए-शराब थी वो,
फिर भी बीच में हुस्न-ए-शबाब आया। ।
यादों का वो पैगाम था,
जसबातों का बवंडर उसका दूसरा नाम था।

पैगाम दिल तक पहुंचा​ तो पहले दिल थोड़ा शरमाया,
फिर दिल बहुत घबराया,
पर प्यार का वो मारा,
चिट्ठी खोले बिना रह नहीं पाया।

यादों ने लिखा था,”याद कर वो कुछ दिन,
हाथ तूने उसके प्यार का थामा था ।
साथ रहने का वादा करा था,
सात जनमों तक निभाना था।
उस प्यार से मुंह मोड़, सारे रिशते पीछे छोड़,
क्यों चला आया परदेस उसका दिल तोड़? ”

यादें फिर बोली,”जिन रिश्तों को पीछे छोड़ आया है,
उन्हें मुझ में बुनने का आज तुझे हक नहीं।
दिल में तू उसके आज भी है,
बस ज़बान पर तेरा अक्स नहीं।
उसके आज के आयने में हर सवाल का जवाब तू था,
पर आज उसके हर जवाब पर सवाल तू है।”

“कल उससे मुंह मोड़ आया था,
आज मुझसे मुंह मोड़ ले।
कल उसका हाथ छोड़ आया था,
आज मुझसे भी तू नाता तोड़ ले।
जा अब जीले, परदेस में नई यादों से दिल तू जोड़ ले।”

-Paranjaya Mehra

The hypocritical Indian mentality

Say the word Indian mentality and I will say the word hypocritical. Hypocrisy sadly is inbuilt in the Indian mentality. (Yes I am an Indian and I am calling Indian mentality hypocritic.) We aren’t turning our back to the ancient cultures and are also not following the west completely and thus we land face-first in the puddle of hypocrisy. In a common man’s language, hypocrisy is double standards.

The comfort level of Indians while talking about “the S word” (I am a true Indian. I don’t say the word SEX) is inversely proportional to the size of India’s population. We will soon be the youngest country in the world. We face a population boom and yet somewhere in one corner our nation a father just changed a channel because a condom ad was coming on the channel, a mother just answered bhagwan ji se laye on being asked how are children born. Why do we even claim to be the land of Kamasutra?  I think no economic or foreign policy but proper sex-ed is the answer to how to not outnumber China in terms of population in the coming years. Don’t you think we will successfully go past the issue of depleting availability of basic resources for all if we educate our population about sex?

We had put up rainbow display pictures when America legalized gay marriages but we still kill our youth in the name of honour killing if they dare marry in a different caste. As many news reports say – Honour killing in India increased by almost 800% from 2015-16 to 2016-17. Let’s solve our own issues first? Our politicians are caught watching porn on the internet during Parliament sessions and interestingly, that is what they end up banning for the population.  Practice what you preach – Heard of it? In India, if counted, the cases in which the police arrested people kissing in public will surely be more than those in which people were arrested for peeing in public. If you show your affection in public, or kiss in public, you will most probably land in jail. Peeing in public might not land you in prison. Welcome to India.  What do we say to a man being beaten by a lady –  “आदमी होकर औरत से मार खाता है।” What do we say to a man beating a lady? “आदमी होकर औरत पर हाथ उठाता है।” Poor guys!  On one hand we proudly take part in protests against women harassment and on the other what do some of us do there? We inappropriately touch the women present there. (case in point – protests against December 16 rape case accused). Our society and law doesn’t even give due consideration to male rape cases because “MEN CAN’T GET RAPED.” We refuse to accept that women can inflict sexual violence on men. When was the last time you read about a male rape survivor’s case being reported in an Indian daily? When was the last time we made a rape accused feel ashamed of the act and not the victim? Our society looks down so much upon a rape victim that this factor at times prevents cases from being reported because ladki ki izzat ka sawal hai. We are anti-dowry but pro-alimony why? We are anti dowry because “why should a woman pay a man for marrying her?” I support that but then let’s be anti-alimony too. Why can’t a woman earn on her own after a divorce? If you are not together anymore why do you expect money? Stand up, use your educational qualification and earn for yourself. Amir Khan says ye karykram samaj ke prati mera kartavy hai but charges in crores per episode. Pehle lakshmi pooja fir kam dooja? #SamajSeva

I am not asking you to change your notions about things or your societal beliefs. All I am asking is that whatever you believe in, make sure that belief doesn’t change from time to time and from person to person. Your belief should be the same no matter your girlfriend is standing in front of you or your colleague. Let’s practice what we preach. Let’s support inter caste marriage first and then think of supporting gay marriages. Let a crime be a crime no matter the gender of the victim. As Tennessee Williams quotes, “The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite.” Let’s not be liars. Let’s accept that somewhere in all of us is a hypocrite. With acceptance will begin the change.

– Paranjaya Mehra

Knock down fear

All of you must have made plans at some or the other time about the itsy-bitsy details of your lives. I am sure, life at some or the other point popped your bubble of planning because, heyo, who says life will follow your plans? It always does planning for you even before you plan for yourself. I am sure that your planning process at some or the other point made us feel like perfectionists who just found a plan to fulfill all our dreams and touch the stars.

Wait! I have one unread message!

“Hello there, champ! Congratulations! I see, you finally planned something for yourself. Just popped up to remind you that you totally forgot that to make those plans work and to achieve your dreams you need to take some steps. Just a reminder- this won’t be as easy as it seems. In front of you will stand your biggest barrier, your fear.”

With love,


Wouldn’t all this be a cakewalk if life could just send a message to us about everything? All of us have the line dark ke aage jeet hai on our tips. Did you ever try to apply it to your life? EVER? Rare are those who face their fears and come out with flying colours. They are those who know that success lies just outside our comfort zones. They have the courage to face the fear for their thirst for success is greater than any fear they have. Yes, you heard it right, it takes courage. Have it?

We fear because we are human, otherwise we would have been God! There are as many fears as the number of people on Earth. There are as many fears as the number of opinions those billions of people have. We all are surrounded by some or the other kind of those countless fear. Be it that of rejection, acceptance, societal burden, parental or peer pressure. The list goes on. I would say fear is our mind’s favorite game and tackling it is nothing less than a mind game.

(F)orget (E)verything (A)nd (R)un or (F)orget (E)verything (A)nd (R)ejoice – the choice is yours!

Most of us will decide to run away from it than face it but before you choose to run away, let me just remind you that our life is a result of our choices so make the right ones. Choose to face fear and success will be yours, chose to run away from it and success will run away from you. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Rest assured that your facing your fear wont break you, running away from it will. You are one decision away from a different life, from a successful life. Have the courage and make that decision today. If not now, it will be never,

Choose to be a kickass and let fear fear that you don’t fear fear. Kudos to courage! Knock your fear down before it knocks your door.

कुछ खाली सा हूँ मैं

_20160812_115033हाँ , आज साथ मेरे एक हाथ है।
सपनों को पाना है,
आज दिल में ये जस्बात है।
शायद किस्मत भी मेरे साथ है।
फिर भी, कुछ खाली सा हूँ मैं…

हाँ, आज इन आखों में चमक है,
आज इन होठों पर मुस्कान है।
हाँ आज इस दिल में बजती हर धुन है।
ना जाने क्यों फिर भी ये दिल परेशान है…

हाँ,हाथ वो तेरा नहीं,
साथ वो तेरा नहीं।
ना सपनों में तेरा नाम,
ना किस्मत के दरवाज़े पर तेरा पेगाम।
शायद इसलिए कुछ खाली सा हूँ मैं…

ना इन आँखों में चहरा तेरा,
ना होठों पर तेरे नाम की मुस्कान।
हाँ दिल में धुन तो है,
पर गीत तेरे नहीं ।
शायद इसलिए ये दिल परेशान है।

किसी रोज़ तुम किस्मत के दरवाज़े पर फिर आना,
सपनों में दसतक दे जाना,
फिर एक नई धुन गुनगुनाना।

सुनो, तुम इतना कर जाना,
जो दिल हमेशा से महसूस करना चाहता था,
वो चंद शब्द बोल जाना।


Misery of an overly attached soul

‘OVER-ATTACHMENT’ – I’m waiting for the day when a doctor will diagnose me with this.  This might not be a regular disease but life with this is nothing less than a suffering.  You, the overly detached or the cautiously attached may kick us away or stab us a hundred times but we will be there for you the moment you need us.  This isn’t what one should be doing or how one should be living but we do it, ALL THE TIME. The result?  Pieces of heart lying all around which we have to pick up and place together as one.

I am one of the overly attached to the severely detached or the cautiously attached.  We are a special breed. Some of us might never say to you that hey there, you mean to us. This is because we ourselves at times don’t realise this.  Realisation hits us the moment a gap hits our bonds. During the days when we don’t get to talk to you, see you, our symptoms of over attachment surface. Your absence hits us hard and that makes us realise the value (it’s overrated) of your presence.

Trust us that nobody, and by nobody I mean NOBODY understands you better or notices you more than us. We know exactly what kind of face you love to make while taking your selfies, we know the glitter in your eyes when you talk about your passion, we know that one dress which you absolutely love, we know when you start walking away from us, we know when you begin to replace us, WE KNOW IT ALL. Chances are that you might never have shared these details with us in person but we know it because we notice you THIS CLOSE.

We give away a part of us to all those whom we love and there can be nothing worse than this because some of us do expect to get a little back and when we don’t, it hurts.

 When we are lying there at the floor at 3:00 a.m and are crying so hard,  that we can’t even properly breathe, we expect to be cared for, we expect to be loved atleast by those for whom we care. Yes, we have our set of expectations but yeah who says expectations are meant to be fulfilled? We need constant reminders that this world isn’t that shitty and we are doing fine and it will all be good.   Nothing hurts more than crying your heart out and realising nobody gives a damn. You might not but we will do it for you, be it any time of the day or any time of the night, if you need us, if you need to be told you are loved, cared for, trust us, we will do it ANYTIME. Does a little bit of reciprocation kill? 

A bit of attachment is fine but not over attachment. Self attachment and worldly detachment is a lesson for all to learn. Feel blessed if you aren’t one overly attached soul.  Feel blessed for we know what you have and we don’t. When it comes to this, your grass is much more green than ours.  No doubts in that.

I am my own poetic misery.

I am an overly attached soul.




I speak,
I speak louder than words ever will.

I am the surreal silence,
I belong to nature.

I am the deathly silence,
I belong to the dead.

I am the romantic silence,
I belong to lovers.

I am the poetic silence,
I belong to poets.

I am the painful silence,
I belong to the silenced.

I am the humanly silence.
Loud enough to be felt,
Mute enough to be heard.

Swinging through life

Do we remember how one day back in time we were shown a road and were told to walk on it. Before we could begin our journey, we were told to look straight so that we could see the shining light at the end of the road. That light, we were told it is called success and that is where we had to reach, all of us had to reach. As the child we were, we accepted it and began walking.

It seemed like one of the swings. Initially, we had the confidence that just like always we will be held if we fall down. One day, the swing began to tremble, we began to lose balance. That was the first day we looked back and realised we had come so far that nobody could help us now. We learnt we had to help ourselves. We gathered a little confidence and tried to maintain balance. Later, when we were no more a child and it was no more a swing, the road started shaking again. We looked around and realised that it wasn’t shaking for everybody. Some were walking easily. We realised, in childhood we were never told that we could choose the swing we wanted to ride on. That day, it dawned upon us that we did want to ride but not this swing. That shining light, it no more appeared attractive. The shine coming from it started to burn our eyes. It wasn’t what we wanted. That day, was our biggest test. Some of us majorly failed in it because we could no more gather the courage to get up one more time and start walking again. We chose to rather fall off the swing. And others, they died within yet lived for the world because they accepted that this is how is how it is. This is how it was meant to be. They slogged all through their life.

Today, nobody from these two categories of people is worshipped. The world bows before those who were told they could choose the swing they wanted to ride on. They are the only ones who made it.

Learning lies beyond

Born into a well off family, fed with a golden spoon, brought up in the best of the conditions possible, given the best possible educational exposure.  Isn’t this how most of you reading this would describe your life? I’m sure you would. Till today, I would too.  Today was different.   It made me feel that the version of life we are living is life as we choose to live it, our self made reality, not what it actually is. We might learn, but is that the actual learning?  Most of us, including me lay far away from what the reality is.

Today, thanks to assignments, I visited Chandani Chowk and Azadpur area for the first time! Yes, first time! There, constant thoughts came running to my mind. For instance, books may tell you ample facts about slum areas and the people there but till the time we actually step out and visit the slums and talk to the residents, we can’t say that we know anything about it. Having read about them and today getting to talk to a few of them, I can easily say that books can take you closer to reality  but exploration is the only thing which will help you see reality better.  What a simple chat with them can help you learn, a book won’t. I’m not anti-reading. Read but do explore. Reading in stories about unemployed people spending their day playing cards and actually seeing them sit under a bridge and do that is an altogether different experience. Will you chit-chat with friends over text or commute with them in a metro discussing about everything ranging from their school experiences, to their families,to marriages, to acquaintances and so on leading to some shared smiles? I bet, once you experience the second, you will never crave for the first. Learning isn’t reading or listening about the shops in places like Chandani Chowk, learning is setting out there on the road, walking under extreme sunlight and yet searching for what you want from n number of shops there.  Learning isn’t ordering something online.  Learning is using your skills and convincing the shopkeeper to sell the good to you at a little less price. Learning isn’t just listening from people that you need to keep a check at your stuff while you roam around in Chandani Chowk. Learning is roaming around there for the first time holding your bag close to your body and your fear close to your heart.

Learning is coming back home realising that a lot of time has passed since you actually learnt something.  Learning is coming back home realising that you  have wrongly defined learning all these years. Learning is coming back home realising that you need to stop learning and start exploring.  There can be no better learning than that.





Emotional people “Don’t” lead a better life

P.S – I came across a post which claimed that we, the emotional ones lead a better life.  Here’s my take on why I don’t agree with it.

Our life is a result of the choices we make or those we don’t.  Our tragedy is that we are born with a mind and a heart. If there would have been either the mind or the heart, life would have been easier.  I completely believe in the fact that being emotional or having emotions is one major trait which separates human beings from others.  I think we are not being true to our job of being a human being if we don’t put our emotions out there in the open.  But then, putting yourself emotionally out there messes up life big time.

If you are emotional it doesn’t mean that you are constantly evolving.  Yes I agree that we are more aware of our feelings but then according to me, evolving while being emotional takes a hell lot of a courage because these days being emotional is enough of a trait to create a life full of mess but to learn from that mess and still hold your own demands courage. Not every emotional person has this courage.  It’s easier said than done.

Analysing stuff more intimately and making sure nobody is hurt is something which runs in our blood. We try to reach a common ground between our mind and our heart and that messes it up more because, my friend, when in the history of mankind did  the mind and the heart said the same thing? That’s the game. They never say the same point.  Logical people know the art of keeping in control their mind as well as the heart.  They know when they need their mind’s advice and when they need their heart’s help.  We don’t know this art and that sums up another point.

Yes,  we do have a strong gut instinct. Stronger than the instincts of  many out there.  But then, training your mind to listen to your gut feeling is a task in itself.  How does it feel when you know you are sure about something but still you act unsure because you always fear that what if that surity feeling isn’t true and thus many of us decide to not go by it.

We love to walk the extra mile for our loved ones in all our relationships.  The emotional investment we make in all our relationships is high.  We can easily be the more patient, the more considerate one but then there are many people who take this attitude for granted. Not everyone feels lucky to have us around. To know that you are being taken for granted and still care is the worst feeling ever.

The world says, ” the more you feel, the more conscious you become of everything around you.” I say, the more you feel, the more you worsen it for yourself because not all those around you feel as intensely as you.  Not everyone has a heart similar to yours.  In today’s world, beware before you feel and if you still want to, make sure you use your mind to feel as well as think and let heart do it’s biological job and nothing else.

We wear our hearts on our sleeves and that’s the best part about us. Not everyone can do that.  It takes guts to be hurt and still care.  It takes guts to keep your ego aside and bend for the sake of the relationship.

To conclude, I would say, either be emotional or don’t be.  If you are, then make sure “tu faltu emotional ho rha hai/rhi hai” is the best compliment you can ever get.

If you live by your emotions, learn to take it all that comes your way in the best spirit possible because the roller coaster will always move a little faster for you.  😉

The memories truck

The truck filled with memories stands at my door. Memories, some made due to destiny and some others by choice. I wonder, will I ever be able to unload the truck? Can any of us ever do this? May be that’s how it’s meant to be with us. We can only fill the truck with more and more and never be able to unload it.

That’s how the memory game is played. Once experienced, they are a part of who we are, etched in us until eternity. Even if we want to I don’t think we can wash out a memory completely. Something will always be there. If not the words, then may be the feelings. If not those people, then may be the lesson they taught us. A part of it always stays with us.

Like every game, the memory game has it’s twists too. We call them days and dates. This day last year, this day last month, this day years ago… This vicious cycle is what is needed to be broken for us to emerge victorious. What happened, happened. Those happenings stay in our past and we move to the present. This is how it should be but it doesn’t really happen. All of us at some points get stuck in this cycle thereby creating the perfect mix of a messed up past and present leading to a disastrous future. For some of us this is our favourite dish and we love to splurge on it.

So as to make you realise that it’s easier said than done, I must confess that even as I write this I’m thinking about this date last month. 😛 Oh, memories.

Oh, wasn’t the truck waiting at the door to be unloaded? Well, this wait will have to continue till the time we learn to learn from the memories. That day, I might not be able to unload the memories, but I’ll surely unload lifelong lessons.

Time to shut the door and let the truck wait 🙂

जग में जगकर अब करना क्या?

सोने दे माई मुझे,
इस जग में जगकर अब करना क्या?
दर-बदर की ठोकर से अब डरना क्या?
जिस अँधेरे में ज़िदगी बिता दी,
उस अँधेरे में अब जीना क्या और मरना क्या?

आँखों में सपने भरकर अब करना क्या?
अमीर के पेर तले दबने से अब डरना क्या?
रहना जब झोपड़ी में है, सपनों का महल खड़ा करके फिर करना क्या?
आँखों में आशा भरकर सूरज की रोशनी का इंतज़ार अब करना क्या?
सोने दे माई मुझे,
इस जग में जगकर अब करना क्या?

बंद करदे दरवाज़ा माई,
देख तेरा महमान तेरे सामने खड़ा है,
जब चारों ओर है अँधेरा इतना,
क्यों फिर तुझे सूरज का नशा चढ़ा है?
सोजा माई, देख अँधेरा तेरे आगे हाथ बढ़ाए खड़ा है।

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The deadline that died

There is something about the name ‘deadline’. You cross it and and there you are, dead, quite literally. Such people are left upon the mercy of their parents, teachers, office boss etc to feel alive once again. Then, there is something about those people who cross these lines again and again and it looks as if not meeting deadlines is their favorite hobby. They are so habitual of not meeting them that for them deadlines lose their meaning. Stuck between these two categories, have you ever wondered what a poor deadline feels?

Once upon a time there was a deadline. She was tired of not getting to meet people. She thought not many considered her worth meeting. She was tired of the fact that the human race stepped on her again and again and moved forward everytime without considering the pain she felt.

Standing there with open arms on the crossroad of life, she decided to die. She died. Little did the poor soul know that a human who had never met deadlines would get to write her obituary. The obituary read ” Yesterday, our not so loved deadline left for her journey to hell. On this auspicious occasion a party is being organised at Hotel Heaven at 9:00 a.m. Everyone is requested to visit and have a good time.

Somewhere in heaven, deadline wondered, “will the party begin on time? I doubt.”

– Paranjaya Mehra

The hidden identity

Curious, I pick up a book

The writer unknown to me

I enter someone else’s world

To explore the life they lived

To feel the love they lost

To embrace the joy they felt

To share the pain they hid

I begin to explore the world unknown.

The joyous ride begins

I meet and greet new people on the way

I read who they are

Their name known, their face unknown,

Yet in them I find a reality of my own.

Then comes the time to bid goodbye

By the time I close the last page,

I have found a friend,

Who is sitting seas away frome me

Neither whose face I know nor his name

All I know of him is what he writes.



तुम्हारे पास से गुज़र रहा था तो सोचा मिल लेता हूँ। कल की तरह, आज भी चल दिया तुम्हारे आशियाने की ओर। पहुँचा तो देखा दरवाज़ा खुला था और तुम आज भी खिड़की के पास बैठे कहीं खोए हुए थे। कुछ देर तुम्हारे सामने यह आस लगाए बैठा रहा कि तुम अपनी दुनिया से बाहर निकलोगे तो खुशी से मेरा स्वागत करोगे। लेकिन ऐसा हुआ नहीं। तुम्हें कुछ करीब से देखा तो एक आँसू बहता दिखा। मुझसे खफा थे तो डांट लेते, पास ही तो बैठा था। क्या कुछ कहना चाहते थे? बोला क्यों नहीं। कभी दोस्त समझकर मुझसे भी बातें करना, वादा रहा, निराश नहीं करूँगा।

बीते कल में कब कोई अपना घर बसा पायाा?

सामने देख, समय नए रूप में है लौटकर आया।

बस फिर उसी समय वहाँ से चल दिया, ना जाने किस ओरम। सोचा, जो खुशी से पुकार लेगा उसके घर चल दूँगा। एक खत लिखकर वहाँ तुम्हारे पास रख दिया था। आशा करता हूँ तुमने पढ़ा होगा।

“कल एक नए रूप में फिर दसतक दूँगा। आशा है कि पहचान लोगे और स्वागत करोगे।”
– समय